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Our Approach

“...we make a commitment to our clients and concentrate solely on their business objectives. We believe that by building partnerships with our clients, we help them to successfully achieve their objectives....”

Jonathan Moore
Strategic IP
Intellectual property is an increasingly important asset to any business. It is frequently the prime differentiator between that business and its competitors. It can protect valuable revenue streams and form the basis of substantial investment.

In our experience, however, most businesses do not have a truly coherent approach to their intellectual property. Common issues are:

  • Over-emphasis on one form of registered right to the detriment of others which may be available in a cost-effective manner;

  • Little or no analysis of the appropriate territories in which to seek protection;
  • No emphasis or too much emphasis on trade mark rights;
  • Little or no analysis on which patent applications to pursue and which to allow to lapse;
  • No cash-flow model that includes a future effect of the filing and prosecution decisions which are being taken today;

All the foregoing lead to wasted costs and wasted opportunities. A traditional “audit” or due-diligence of intellectual property does not address any of these issues.

We have developed a sophisticated strategic review product which analyses the intellectual property of a business in the context of its business plan and allows it to make informed decisions. We can do this because we ensure that we understand the business behind the intellectual property. The review is offered at a fixed price and the deliverable is a detailed report and a set of clear recommendations for Board consumption. Previous recipients have found that short-term cost savings quickly repay the cost of this exercise and the long-term benefits are substantial.

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