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Our Approach

“...we make a commitment to our clients and concentrate solely on their business objectives. We believe that by building partnerships with our clients, we help them to successfully achieve their objectives....”

Jonathan Moore
Development & Exploitation
The exploitation of intellectual property is a subtle process, which often involves a compromise being made between the perfect and the pragmatic. Our experience in this field enables us to easily distil and concentrate on the material issues.

We also recognise that recognition of expediency is an important aspect in getting any deal done. There is often a delicate balance to be struck between holding out for improved terms and getting the deal done. We differentiate ourselves here in being able to react both quickly and in a commercial manner which then reflects well on our clients.

Our knowledge of the various industries in which we work gives us an understanding of the customs and practices which would normally apply. We always aim to reflect that approach unless it is prejudicial to the attainment of our client’s objective.

The interface between antitrust and intellectual property has become contentious and complex. For this reason, we run antitrust compliance in parallel with any deal negotiation. Our clients cannot afford for this issue to be an afterthought or, as so often happens, an eleventh hour review which frequently requires the deal to be revisited.
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