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Our Approach

“...we make a commitment to our clients and concentrate solely on their business objectives. We believe that by building partnerships with our clients, we help them to successfully achieve their objectives....”

Jonathan Moore
IP & IT Disputes
Disputes are potentially debilitating to any business. This is the case, even for the claimant. Even successful litigation can be costly and time consuming, with substantial hidden and indirect costs.

We have substantial experience of intellectual property and IT disputes. We think that we have a fresh approach, which differentiates us:

  • We would want to be involved at an early stage because the errors which are made in most disputes occur early on. Often this leads to concerns about costs. If, therefore, our clients consider that an early stage consultation has added no value, they will not pay for it;
  • We focus on achieving our client’s commercial objectives in the most cost-effective manner.  Too many disputes run on because the lawyers are passive or because they raise “interesting legal issues”. Through the use of alternative dispute resolution and by taking a wider strategic angle, we are frequently able to curtail disputes at an early stage;
  • We demystify the legal process. We ensure that our clients understand exactly what is happening and why.  More importantly, we get off the fence with our advice and tell you what we think you should do, not simply what your options are;
  • We are creative in our approach to litigation. Disputes are often won or lost over issues which are not considered to be core from the outset;
  • Where complex technology is involved, we understand that on a technical level. We can not see how cost-effectiveness can otherwise be achieved.

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